What is an advertising banner?

Advertising banners are an integral part of the advertising landscape, attracting the attention of potential customers with their extensive presence and appealing messages. But what exactly is an advertising banner and why is it so widely used in the marketing industry?
An advertising banner is a type of outdoor advertisement using flexible materials, most often hung on buildings, fences, or along roads. They can take various forms, from simple prints to complex graphics, depending on the goals and creativity of the advertising campaign.

Materials used for banner production

The most popular material used for banner production is frontlit. It is a flexible material, often reinforced with a mesh of polyester fibers, which gives it resistance to weather conditions. The standard weight of frontlit is 450g, which ensures the durability and stability of banners even in harsh weather conditions.

Banner printing methods

Currently, the dominant method for printing banners is ECO-solvent printing. It uses more environmentally friendly inks, which is becoming an important factor from an ecological perspective. Banners printed using this method are characterized by high quality and color durability, making them an effective marketing tool for many years.

Protection against fading

Color fading on banners can be caused by UV radiation, among other factors. To prevent this, the banner can be protected with a UV varnish; however, this solution is costly and not always economical. An alternative is the regular replacement of banners, which ensures a fresh appearance of advertisements and minimizes maintenance costs.

Banner finishing

Advertising banners are typically finished by welding the edges and placing grommets every 50 cm, which facilitates their installation and hanging. However, the grommet placement can be customized according to the client’s preferences.
Advertising banners are not only an effective marketing tool but also a versatile way to promote a variety of products and services. Thanks to their visibility and durability, they are an indispensable element of advertising campaigns, contributing to increased brand awareness and sales generation.

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