Warranty Terms and Conditions

Our products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The warranty protects the product against fading and stiffening for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

If defects occur within this period, please report them immediately to: zamowienia@banery-rzeszow.eu.

The report should include:

  • photos of the damaged product
  • the name and surname of the customer
  • order number, if assigned
  • date of purchase
  • a detailed description of the defect and the circumstances

The warranty covers the protection of the substrate/material on which the banner was printed, including cracks or tears. The solvent substrate (whether laminated or coated) may start to deteriorate and stiffen over time. This depends on the variability of weather conditions during the given period. Rapid and significant changes in temperature and humidity are not recommended. Some banners harden and crack after just two years, while others last over 5 years without any damage. It is recommended to stretch the banner as tightly as possible on the scaffolding to make it less susceptible to wind impacts.

The warranty does not cover color protection in cases where:

  • discoloration occurred due to contact with chemicals
  • discoloration resulted from third-party interference
  • discoloration is minimal and does not affect the visual reception of the banner

The durability warranty of the substrate does not apply in cases where:

  • the product was improperly installed
  • the damage resulted from third-party interference
  • the customer improperly selected the type of medium for the conditions (e.g., a 5x5m banner on an open, windy scaffold instead of a mesh)

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Advertising banner

żółty baner reklamowy


tabliczki informacyjne, reklamowe - stos
individual valuation

Mesh banner

siatka reklamowa mesh


individual valuation

Reflective banner

Miniaturka baneru odblaskowego.

Advertising walls

Miniaturka ścianki tekstylnej


żółty baner reklamowy