• aluminum frame
  • cover with handles
  • blockout material printed on one side
  • easy to set up
  • height: 200 cm
  • widths: 85, 100, 120 cm

Product description:

Roll-up is a standing form of advertising that rolls out from a cassette. This allows for easy storage of the roll-up when it is not in use or being transported. Roll-ups are available in three basic widths: 85, 100, and 120 cm. The height of the roll-ups is fixed at 200 cm. The depth is 20 cm, which is the aluminum cassette.

The product includes a complete set necessary for setting up the roll-up:

  • aluminum cassette with feet that provides compact protection for the print,
  • print on blockout material that does not let light through, rolled inside the cassette,
  • aluminum support rod that keeps the extended structure upright,
  • cover with handles for easy storage and transport of the roll-up.
Setting up the roll-up is very simple:
  1. take the cassette with the roll-up and the support rod out of the cover,
  2. unfold the feet of the roll-up and place the cassette on the ground,
  3. assemble the support rod,
  4. roll the banner up by pulling the strip protruding from the cassette,
  5. install the support rod.
A major advantage of this form of advertising is its weight and mobility.

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Górna listwa rollupa zablokowana przez uchwyt wspornika
holder for the roll-up support rod
kaseta rollupu
case for the roll-up
Kaseta z rollupem zwiniętym wewnątrz
cassette with the folded roll-up

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Discover the exceptional advertising roll-ups available in Rzeszów and throughout the entire Podkarpacie region, ensuring effective promotion of your business. Our roll-ups come in various sizes, allowing you to perfectly fit them into your exhibition space. Made from high-quality materials, they guarantee durability and top-notch aesthetics. With the option to replace the print alone, our advertising roll-ups are an economical solution for different events and advertising campaigns.

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We offer roll-ups in various widths and heights, allowing you to perfectly tailor them to your needs. Our products are made from durable and aesthetic materials, providing a professional look for your advertisement. Roll-ups are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them reusable without losing quality.

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We offer quick order fulfillment and convenient delivery options in Rzeszów and the surrounding areas. This allows you to quickly and efficiently prepare for any event. Our roll-ups are ideal for trade shows, conferences, presentations, and other promotional events.

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