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18,60 € / m2

  • over 20m² – 5%
  • over 50m² – 7%
  • over 100m² – 10%

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Reflective banners available in any size – order a banner perfectly tailored to your needs!

Reflective banners are a great solution when you want to be visible even after dark. The unique material structure ensures that the print becomes visible without blinding road users.

Welded edges

Banners have welded edges that provide additional reinforcement.


Thanks to the standard placement of eyelets every 50 cm, mounting the banner is convenient and durable, regardless of the location.

Honeycomb structure

Made of textile mesh embedded in PVC, - the so-called frontlit, covered with a reflective layer with a honeycomb structure.

A reflective advertising banner is perfect for fences, boards, building walls, and steel structures. Especially near busy streets.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

On the one hand, reflective banners remain visible even after dark. This in itself means that they serve their advertising function much longer than regular banners. On the other hand, it is worth noting that most advertisements in public spaces are not reflective. As a result, their share in all advertising messages we receive after dark is significantly greater. Yes – reflective banners are a good investment.
A reflective banner reflects the light that falls on it. During the day, or in environments without light to reflect, it behaves like a regular banner. However, at night, like a true superhero – it reflects headlights, clearly standing out from its surroundings. You can see this effect on the website in the “Reflective Banner” section by sliding the slider on the comparison photo.
Reflective banners do not cause glare. They reflect light similarly to road signs.

Slide the slider and see the effects:

Without lighting in headlights
Without lighting in headlights
Without lighting in headlights

All photos were taken and edited to best represent the actual appearance of the banner.

The photos were taken after dusk, illuminated directly by car headlights.

To achieve similar effects as in the photos, make sure the reflective banners are within the range of passing car headlights.

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We fulfill our orders throughout the entire European Union.

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Discover advanced reflective banners available now for only 18,60 € gross/m²! Order fulfillment takes only 5-6 business days, with the option for personal pickup in Rzeszów or express shipping for 15 €. Our banners are made of 450g coated frontlit material, with welded edges and eyelets every 50 cm, ensuring durability and easy installation. ECO-solvent printing guarantees the highest graphic quality, and all products come with a 2-year warranty.

We offer customized solutions – each advertising banner is printed to size to perfectly fit your space. The banners are weather-resistant and tear-resistant, thanks to the use of a textile mesh embedded in PVC. We deliver our products throughout the European Union and Poland with implementations visible in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Choose our reflective banners and see the difference in promoting your business!

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