Advertising banner installation

individual pricing

We install:

  • large format advertisements,
  • installation of advertising carrier structures,
  • hanging 3D letters,
  • installation of banners/mesh nets.

The price for advertising banner installation is determined by several factors:

  • size of the advertising banner
  • distance from our office
  • installation location
  • height of the banner placement

Therefore, our services are priced individually, after a phone consultation and possible site inspection.

Service description:

We install advertising banners up to a height of 3.5m using ladders. Advertisements mounted higher are placed using a cherry picker.

Large format advertisement installations are performed by specialists with the appropriate qualifications.

We operate in Rzeszów and the surrounding area within 40 km of the city limits.

We install advertising banners on:

  • fences
  • buildings
  • balconies
  • billboards
  • metal frames
  • trailers

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Advertising banner

żółty baner reklamowy


tabliczki informacyjne, reklamowe - stos
individual valuation

Mesh banner

siatka reklamowa mesh


individual valuation

Reflective banner

Miniaturka baneru odblaskowego.

Advertising walls

Miniaturka ścianki tekstylnej


żółty baner reklamowy

Installation of advertising banners within 40 km of Rzeszów

Advertising banner installation in Podkarpacie

Professional installation of advertising banners at any height is our specialty! We offer installation of advertisements up to a height of 3.5m using ladders, and for higher locations, we use a cherry picker. Each installation is carried out by qualified specialists with the appropriate certifications, ensuring safety and the highest quality of service.

Our offer is directed at clients from Rzeszów and the surrounding areas, covering a radius of 40 km from the city limits. Trust our experience and let your advertisement be visible in key locations, attracting the attention of potential customers.

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