How to calculate the area of an advertising banner?

Large format prints are made using materials wound on rolls of various widths (from 107 cm to 300 cm). However, the banners that are printed usually do not have exactly 107 cm or 300 cm, resulting in waste during the production process.

Therefore, to perform a correct calculation, you should use the following formula:

shorter side of the banner (rounded up to full meters) x longer side of the banner (rounded up to the nearest half meter) = final size expressed in m2

banner 1 x 3m = 3m2
banner 1.5 x 3m = 6m2
banner 1 x 3.2m = 3.5m2
banner 2.5 x 3.8m = 12m2

The obtained result is multiplied by the price per m2.

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