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Product description:

We print election banners to size – you will get exactly the size needed for your campaign! 

Election banners do not have hemmed edges due to their short display time. The lack of finishing effectively reduces the cost of such banners, which is a common practice during campaigns.

Eyelets standardly placed every 50 cm make it easy to mount the banner anywhere.

Made from textile mesh embedded in PVC, known as frontlit, our election banners combine flexibility with durability and resistance to stretching over short periods.

Election banners are perfect for fences, boards, building walls, and steel structures, making them an essential tool for any election campaign.

For sizes larger than 2×3 meters, we do not recommend installation in areas exposed to strong winds, such as open metal frames. In such conditions, it is better to use mesh banners, which are resistant to strong gusts of wind.

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Advertising banner

żółty baner reklamowy


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Mesh banner

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Reflective banner

Miniaturka baneru odblaskowego.

Advertising walls

Miniaturka ścianki tekstylnej


żółty baner reklamowy

We fulfill our orders throughout the entire Podkarpacie region.

Election banner Rzeszów, Jarosław, Jasło, Krosno, Przemyśl.

Discover election banners available from just 20 PLN/m²! Order fulfillment takes only 5-6 business days, with the option of convenient personal pickup in Rzeszów or fast shipping for 30 PLN. Our banners are made from 450g frontlit, coated, without hemmed edges, with eyelets every 50 cm for easy installation. ECO-solvent printing guarantees the highest quality graphics.

We offer flexible solutions tailored to campaign requirements – every election banner is printed to size to fit the designated space perfectly. The banners are weather-resistant and durable thanks to the use of textile mesh embedded in PVC. We deliver our products throughout Podkarpacie and Poland, with projects visible in Rzeszów, Jarosław, Krosno, Jasło, and Przemyśl. Choose our election banners and see the difference in the effectiveness of your campaign!

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