Rental of advertising space in Podkarpacie

individual pricing

The offer is directed both to people looking for a place for their advertisement and to those who have such a place and want to make it available.

I'm looking for an advertising space:

Send us a message, and we will respond with an offer tailored to your needs.

Information we need:

  • which locations are you interested in?
  • how long do you want to rent the advertising space?
  • how many ads do you plan to display?

Send an inquiry:

I want to make my space available for rent:

If you have your own advertising space in the form of a billboard, steel structure, or a spot on a fence that you want to rent out, please use the form on the right.

Information we need from you:

  • in which location do you have space for rent?
  • what size advertisement can we install there?
  • for how long do you want to rent it out?
  • what amount do you expect for the rental?

Describe your location:

Wszystkie produkty

poznaj dokładny koszt swojego zamówienia, dzięki kalkulatorom na podstronach produktowych!


ikona baneru reklamowego

38 zł/m²

Siatki mesh

ikona siatka mesh

44 zł/m²

Banery odblaskowe

ikona baneru odblaskowego

79 zł/m²


ikona tablicy reklamowej

wycena indywidualna


ikona flaga reklamowa

wycena indywidualna

Ścianki reklamowe

ikona ścianki reklamowej

od 2179 zł



ikona rollup

od 269 zł

Folia OWV

59 zł/m² 

Banery wyborcze

ikona baner wyborczy
25 zł/m²

Sublease of advertising spaces in Podkarpacie

Advertising spaces for rent in Rzeszów and Podkarpacie.

We mediate in the rental of advertising spaces in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. Our offer is aimed both at those interested in placing their advertising banners and those who have advertising spaces for rent.

Pricing is individual and dependent on the specific needs of the client. We are currently in the process of gathering offers. Soon, specific locations along with photos will be available on this page. In the meantime, we invite you to contact us directly via email, phone, or the contact form.

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