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Product description:

Advertising boards printed in any size. The maximum size of a single piece is 190 x 290 cm, but they can be combined for larger sizes.

Advertising signs are printed using UV printing technology, directly on the substrate. This guarantees the highest durability of the print, with fade resistance rated for a minimum of 10 years. Our warranty covers 2 years.

Available substrates:

  • Foam PVC (3 or 5 mm) – the cheapest solution, low resistance to mechanical damage. Ideal for indoor use, small formats, or installation in places where the print will not be exposed to direct physical contact.
  • Plexiglass – the most expensive but also the most durable solution. The extremely rigid structure of the material, as well as its high transparency and gloss, make it ideal for backlit boards and those dedicated to especially long exposure.
  • Dibond – a composite panel consisting of two thin sheets of aluminum bonded to a low-density polyethylene core. It provides a relatively lightweight solution while maintaining reasonable cost and high rigidity.

Our product is perfect for:

  • informational signs,
  • advertising signs,
  • door signs,
  • “beware of the dog” signs.

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Advertising banner

żółty baner reklamowy


tabliczki informacyjne, reklamowe - stos
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Mesh banner

siatka reklamowa mesh


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Reflective banner

Miniaturka baneru odblaskowego.

Advertising walls

Miniaturka ścianki tekstylnej


żółty baner reklamowy

We fulfill our orders throughout the entire Podkarpacie region.

Advertising boards in Rzeszów, Łańcut, Przeworsk, Tyczyn.

Discover our exceptional advertising boards! Orders are completed in just 5-6 business days, with the option for convenient personal pickup in Rzeszów or fast shipping. Our boards can reach a maximum size of 190 x 290 cm, with the possibility of combining them into larger structures. Thanks to the use of UV printing technology, directly on the substrate, we guarantee the highest durability of the print, resistant to fading for a minimum of 10 years, with a 2-year product warranty.

We deliver our products throughout Podkarpacie and Poland, with completed projects visible in Rzeszów, Łańcut, Przeworsk, Tyczyn. Choose our advertising boards and see how effectively they increase the visibility of your business!

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